Joker Board - Sticker

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This sticker (1) gets you an automatic spot on the joker board for a chance to win a star quilt. This is not a sticker pack this is only (1) sticker. The joker board is a game show style game that Ben does live on Facebook where he pulls 1 or 2 jokers. The names with the joker cards will win a queen size quilt and sometimes added merch. The purpose of this is to give our loyal customers a chance to win one of our quilts or merchandise! Max amount of spots on a single board is 5 as it is now a 54 spot board. 

**For our Canadian participants: 3Feathers will pay shipping of sticker/prizes but any other fees or dues are your responsibility no matter how much it may be based on your territory** 

 No refunds or returns. If you are on the board which is done live and saved on our page. We will not be issuing refunds or returns.