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Star Quilts

Star quilts are cultural known in many Native American tribes to represent honor and generosity,both for those receiving and those who are giving. It represents the morning star or the sky full of stars but has also been said to be considered the creators eye so when you are wrapped you are covered and protected through life or your journey back through the Milky Way. Star quilts are usually given during a significant life event and that significance is at your discretion. They are often given to families for the death of a loved one but also to the deceased as they make their journey to the spirit world, graduation, birth of a baby , weddings, giveaways , ceremonies, retirement and really anytime you want to do something extremely significant to honor someone. 

Star quilts are an adopted trade taught by settlers when missionaries were formed in the 1800’s. First Nation cultures have always found generosity to be a high virtue and before sewing needles, thread and machines, Northern natives used buffalo hides that were carefully scripted with stars and stories to guide and protect our ancestors in whatever journey they might be facing or honor them on their achievement when they were to return. We have carried that part of our culture on with what was put in front of us, even though so much was taken from us. 

As First Nations “we always measure our wealth in how much we give rather than how much we have” -unknown and with that star quilts allow us to help our loved ones walk their journey with love and respect.  Receiving a star quilt is that of the highest honor and it’s always the most precious gift to receive no matter how many you have, every one signifies a major milestone or life event that you should be proud of.